Q: What if I would like to try out the facility?
A: We offer a complimentary, risk-free 5 consecutive day pass that allows perspective members full 24-hour access to try the facility.

Q: How does the whole “No long-term Contracts” thing work?
A: Members at Fitness @ Five are not required to sign long-term Contracts. Membership is month-to-month with an active Credit Card, Debit Card, or Checking account on file.

Q: What sort of fees will I need to pay in addition to my monthly membership?
A: None. There are no enrollment fees, no maintenance fees, and no cancellation fees. Just a simple once monthly membership fee.

Q: What is required for membership?
A: All you need to become a member of Fitness @ Five is an active Credit Card, Debit Card, or Checking account. Your account is debited once monthly and allows you access to all Fitness @ Five has to offer.

Q: What if I need to cancel my membership?
A: All that is required for cancellation is a 30-day notice in writing. Download the Cancellation Form

Q: What if I need to go out of town?
A: Memberships may be frozen for one month intervals, up to three months, free of charge. Download Freeze Form

Q: So…you’re open 24-hours?
A: Yes, but not staffed 24-hours. Fitness @ Five is a 24-hour access facility where members use a key card to access the facility anytime they wish. We’re never closed to members!

Q: Is it safe?
A: Absolutely. Fitness @ Five is a locked facility during non-staffed hours, only accessible through a single entrance via key card. The facility is equipped with “panic” buttons that alert local police, a surveillance company, and the owners should there be any sort of issue. the facility is monitored by 24-hour video surveillance that is backed up to a DVR and a representative can be reached at all times via a posted emergency number.

Q: When are you staffed?
A: Fitness @ Five is staffed 8a.m.-6p.m. Monday-Thursday and 8a.m.-3p.m. Friday.