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Justin Carter

I am an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer with 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. I have competed in several SNBF (Supernatural Body Building and Fitness) competitions in the Southeast. I have particular interest and experience in weight loss, weight management, muscle toning and building, and injury management. During your sessions, I will tailor a specific training plan to meet your needs as an individual. Learning attainable, long-term habits is an important part of the work we will do together. Following two major back surgeries, including the fusing of several lumbar vertebrae, as well as a hernia repair, I have been able to return to a high level of fitness.  I enjoy the challenge of working with clients who are in similar situations and are looking to rebuild their strength.

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Staci Goodman

NASM Certified Trainer / Fitness Nutrition Specialist

My name is Staci Goodman, and my wellness journey began more than 10 years ago. As a single mom, I am familiar with the hectic schedules and ongoing challenges to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I believe that small changes can make a big difference; and along with raising my daughter, I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge and passion with those I am called to serve. I strive to inspire others to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle by example. I specialize in weight loss and have had proven results with client specific conditioning, in addition to health & lifestyle coaching. My personal focus is on safe and effective muscle gaining through resistance training as I hope to participate in a Figure Competition in the near future.

Although exercise is an important, meaningful part of daily living, it is not the only component to real wellness. I am an ardent supporter that proper nutrition, self awareness, and exercise can prevent health problems and improve quality of life. I believe in the limitless potential & untapped power of who we were created to be in our Mind, Body, & Spirit.

Together, with my knowledge & experience, and your WHY & dedication, we can achieve any goal!

Staci Goodman
Certified Fitness Trainer | FitMomOnFire

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Cameron O'Reilly

Education: B.S Biological Sciences UGA 13' , M.A.T Secondary Education (Biology) UGA 17'
Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer (NASM) , Fitness Nutrition Specialist (NASM) 
Experience: Weight room experience since 2005, Personal training experience since 2013

Hello, I am a personal trainer certified through NASM (the National Academy of Sports Medicine) as well as certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist through NASM. I am also a High School Science Teacher (Biology & Environmental Sciences) and Wrestling Coach. I also over 2,000 hours experience working in outpatient rehabilitation. I have participated in numerous sports including Baseball, Swimming, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and have 12 years experience training in numerous weight training styles. I enjoy training all clients to help them reach their fitness and health goals. 

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Phone: 678-382-9612

Jessica Groves-Chapman

BA Psychology
MS Kinesiology
PhD Neuroscience
MovNat Certified Trainer

My journey to becoming a trainer, a movement educator, began in academia. My education is rooted in the study of exercise and its effects on behavior and the brain. I have spent many years in a laboratory and classroom studying and teaching others about the effects and importance of physical activity. I am also a runner; having completed 2 half-marathons, 1 marathon, and many shorter distances. The combination of my own fitness pursuits with my education led me to explore other areas of movement. How could I improve my own running? How could I teach others beyond the classroom? I encountered the natural movement training system, MovNat, in the spring of 2017. I was particularly drawn to the emphasis of re-establishing the neurodevelopmental sequence to improve movement quality before adding a load. I am currently the only female MovNat certified trainer in the state of Georgia. I am also a NASM CPT. I believe that to be strong and fit we must first be capable. My training style is an integration of my education and movement training, with an emphasis on functional training that translates to your everyday life.


Tony Gasparro

Tony Gasparro

B.S. Sport Management – Kennesaw State

CPT – International Sport and Science Association (ISSA)

Hello, I’m Tony Gasparro and I am a Personal Trainer here at Fitness at Five of Athens. With over 10 years of training experience I have been able to help clients with all types of fitness goals. Following my training programs clients have surpassed their original goals. I specialize in H-I-R-T Training (High Intensity Resistance Training) which is a great program for weight loss, strength/muscle gain, conditioning, muscular definition/tone up, and for rehabilitation issues such as injury recovery/prevention, muscle imbalances, and flexibility. My coaching and athletics background makes it easy for me to relate with everybody and to find the best way to teach them so that they can learn how to be fit, not just skinny.

I have helped several clients lose and keep off more than 70 lbs. with one of my clients surpassing her weight loss goal of 100 lbs. I have several years of experience in coaching high school sports such as football and wrestling, as well as strength and conditioning. I am continuing my education with the National Strength and Conditioning Association to obtain my Certification as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

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PHONE: (678) 223 – 5268
INSTAGRAM: @fullpotentialfit

Marvin Chapman

BS Exercise and Sports Science
MS Kinesiology
Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified FMS Practitioner  

I believe in providing a positive unfiltered training stimulus to optimize functional ability, enhance performance, and improve your quality of life. Your movement developed from the ground up and from the center out. And that's how I teach it. If we are to reclaim all that we have lost from inactivity, then our best chance for success is to return to our roots. We need to identify the weak links in your movement chain and bring them up to par with focused and intentional training. 
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Beverly Provost

My name is Beverly Provost. I am an AAAI Certified Personal Trainer, semi-pro sponsored Obstacle Course Racer, Crossfit competitor, Bikini competitor, and Professional Fitness Model. I have over 20 years of Yoga experience, a background in classical ballet, power lifting, Olympic lifting, body building, Pilates, and physical therapy. I specialize in athlete coaching as well as rehab/recovery training.

I've spent several years as a Fitness Trainer for the Department of Defense. I have been featured as the "expert opinion" in Oxygen Magazine, interviewed for a 2 part article in, and am currently studying to be a certified Nutritionist. I hold certifications in TRX, AFAA group training, AFAA group resistance training, Body Systems Group Power, Zumba I and II, Practical Yoga, Red Cross First Aid CRP AED, and have developed and implemented my own Barre certification "Body Barre".

Fitness is my life and I want to help you reach all your fitness goals through safe effective training.

instagram: @beverlyprovostfitness
phone: 7066123549


micheleMichele Overend

I am an Athletics and Fitness Association of America Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, and have been with Fitness @ Five for over 7 years. I specialize in senior fitness, although my clients range in age from 18-80. My training style is centered on core work, body weight exercise and balance, weight loss, and increased strength.

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Fitness @ Five welcomes Certified Personal Trainers to affiliate themselves with the fitness center and provide services for both Fitness @ Five members and non-members alike. Anyone interested in becoming a Fitness @ Five trainer should contact us via the Contact Form.