Rules, courtesies, & generally helpful information

Upon entering...

  • Please make sure to scan key fob outside the door before entering the fitness center.
  • Please feel free to grab a complimentary towel for your workout. They are located to the left side of the entryway and are there for your convenience. We do ask that you only use one per workout, and please place your used towel in the towel bin located next to the coat rack or next to the entrance/exit when finished with your workout.
  • Please only use the towel service for workout purposes. Should you need to use the shower/changing room, please bring your own bath towel.
  • Please store your workout bag either in a locker, cubby, or on one of the benches located on the back wall.
  • Please refrain from storing any bags or accessories in the shower changing rooms during your workout.


  • Please wear appropriate exercise clothing while utilizing the facility.
  • Please wear closed toed athletic footwear.
  • Please refrain from wearing jeans, work clothes, belts with buckles, or other nonathletic wear during your workouts.
  • Please refrain from any attire that is overtly revealing or displays undergarments.

Main workout floor:

  • DO NOT DROP WEIGHTS. Fitness @ Five is located in a mixeduse building, and residents live above the fitness center.
  • Seriously, DO NOT DROP WEIGHTS. It is very disturbing to those who make this building their home. This also includes the weight stacks for the cable crossover and selectorized machines.
  • Please wipe down cardio and strength training machines after use. Disinfectant wipes are located toward the center of the main workout floor behind the stone pillars, just behind the cardio equipment and in front of the lower body selectoried equipment.
  • Please rerack and replace all weights, dumbbells and bars after use.
  • Please no use of chalk or any products that leave a residue.
  • Please be courteous and allow room for others to "work in".
  • Try not to drop the weights. Okay, Thanks!

Multipurpose room:

  • Please replace all mats, weights, med balls, bands, or any other accessories to their proper places after use.
  • Please avoid heavy medicine ball slams, particularly between the hours of 8p.m. and 6a.m.

Shower/changing rooms and restrooms:

  • Please bring your own bath towel for use in the shower/changing rooms. The complementary towels are for workout use only.
  • Please make sure to take your hair products, body wash, or other shower implements home with you when you have finished using the facilities. We have quite a collection as it is.
  • Please refrain from using hair or body products, such as hair dye, that may stain the walls, floors, or shower.

Guests and non-members

  • Please do not bring guests during non-staffed hours. 
  • Members may bring guests during staffed hours for a cost of $10 per visit.  We do require a signed Waiver and Release of Liability.
  • Out of town guests or for any subsequent visits by in-town guests, individual passes may be purchased.
  • 1 Day pass- $10 (must be used during staffed hours.)
  • 7 Day pass- $25 (24-hour access for seven (7) consecutive days)
  • All passes must be purchased during staffed hours
  • Children under the age of 16 shall not be permitted access to Fitness @ Five at any time due to liability concerns.

Access and Security

  • The facility is monitored 24hours via closed circuit cameras backed up to a DVR and reviewed by Fitness @ Five staff.
  • Silver and red "Panic Buttons" are located throughout the facility. Those locations can be found on the wall containing the lockers (one on each side), down the restroom hallway, and behind the front desk.
  • Should an active and in good standing member of Fitness @ Five not be able to access the facility via the 24hour key card access a representative of Fitness @ Five may be reached at any time at (706) 3529277. This number is also listed outside the main entry on the Hours of Operation sign. If there is an emergency, please call 911 FIRST and then alert the afterhours number.
  • If for any reason parking spaces located behind the Hodgson Terrace Building are all occupied, members may park on Milledge Terrace in any street level area not designated by a yellow "do not park" area.
  • If you need to replace your RFID access credentials a replacement may be purchased for $10.

Membership Freeze/Cancellation,

  • For your convenience we have Request to Freeze and 30Day Notice of Cancellation forms available at the fitness center during staffed hours and online for download where you can digitally complete the form and email a copy to
  • All Requests to Freeze and 30Day Notices of Cancellations submitted outside of staffed hours will be addressed and submitted on the next available business day.
  • Should you need to temporarily freeze your membership, as a courtesy you may submit a Request to Freeze form, provided by Fitness @ Five, requesting to freeze membership payments for up to three (3) months. Fees do apply.
  • A frozen payment constitutes a 30day period during which the member would not be allowed facility access. You must indicate a date to begin the freeze, as the 30day period does not necessarily coincide with the draft date but with a 30 day "window" which will contain the frozen payment date.
  • At the completion of the designated freeze period, the membership will then return to an active status and facility access and payment dates will continue as before.
  • Should you need to cancel your membership, you may submit a 30day Notice of Cancellation in writing. You may either fill out a form provided by Fitness @ Five or mail a written 30day Notice of Cancellation, in which case the postmarked date will serve as the date of submission. Email does not constitute an acceptable 30day notice of cancellation.
  • All members will have one final membership payment once the 30day Notice of Cancellation is submitted. After the final payment is successfully received the account will be considered "In Good Standing" and 30 days from the submission date the cancellation will become finalized.
  • To get the most of your membership, it is suggested to submit your 30Day Notice of Cancellation 23 days prior to your final membership payment as your membership will end exactly 30 days from the date of submission.


  • If you are enjoying your membership with Fitness @ Five, please tell your friends! For each new member you refer receive a free month of membership. Note:  Both current member and referral must be Month-to-Month members to receive the credit.  Membership specials do not apply.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals. 12 new members=one year of free membership!