Strength Training

Exercisers of all levels will benefit from the top-of-the-line quality of Life Fitness’ flagship line, the Signature Series. The ergonomic design provides smooth movements with converging and diverging axes that correctly align with the user’s joint movement to provide a natural and comfortable feel for a great workout.

Life Fitness Signature Series:

Chest Press
Assisted Chin/Dip
Chest Fly/Peck Deck
Shoulder Press
Lat Pull-down
Abdominal Crunch
Leg Press
Seated leg Curl
Leg Extension
Fit Series Hip Abduction/Adduction (outer/inner thigh)

Life Fitness Multi-Jungle 8 Cable Crossover:

Fully adjustable cable crossover
Uni-lateral Lat Pull-down
Uni-lateral Low Row
Four Tricep/Bicep stations
Iso-lateral Lat Pull-down
Iso-Lateral Low Row
Tri-grip Pull-up station

Hammer Strength Equipment:

Fully Adjustable Flat-to-Upright bench
Flat dumbbell bench
Decline dumbbell bench
Flat Barbell bench
Incline Barbell bench
HD8 Barbell/Plate loaded fully adjustable power station with Pull-up station
Plate loaded laterl leg press
Plate loaded seated calf raise
GP straight handle urethane dumbbells-5lbs to 100lbs at 5lb increments


Assorted Swiss and balance balls
Pro-Style Bosu balance trainer
Power Systems assorted resistance bands and ropes
Yoga Mats and aerobic steps
Plyometric boxes
Bodyweight "Sissy Squat"