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Good afternoon,
I regret to inform you that I am canceling my gym membership as I have moved out of the Athens area and the location is no longer convenient for me. Before I go, I wanted to share that Fitness at Five is one of the best gyms that I've been a part of. The friendly atmosphere was a breath of fresh air, the gym was always neatly kept, the level of cleanliness was unmatched, and the exceptional customer service was an added bonus! Thank you for providing an enjoyable place to work out and for being so welcoming to new members. I wish your gym the best and will be sure to stop in for a work out when I'm in the area.

Thank you again,
Paige Kleffner

I spent most of my life overweight, showing little concern for regular diet and exercise. I was a member of Fitness @ Five for several months before finally making the decision to go “all in” for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. In January of 2015, I began a 12-Week Transformation Challenge.. The convenience and overall awesome environment of Fitness @ Five made it easy for me to make the necessary commitment to drastic lifestyle change. At the end of my 12-week challenge, I was down 54 pounds and feeling better than ever. I am happy to say that the journey doesn’t stop here. I’ve seen some awesome results that I couldn’t have imagined seeing before. Now I’m looking forward to making new fitness goals for myself and know that the owners and training staff of Fitness @ Five are behind me all the way!

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I went from 345 to 235 while enrolled at Fitness @ Five. I gained 70 lbs in 6 months during a bad time of life. I walked into Fitness @ Five and was down 70 lbs in 2 months. After that, I continued to lose fat and build muscle. I went from a size 44 waist down to a 34. A XXL tee to a L. I went from sparse acting work to being back in demand. I'm still getting leaner. I'm not sure exactly how much bodyfat I lost. It has to be over 110 lbs because I've regained so much muscle.

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Eight years ago, I weighed 210 lbs.

I was 52 years old and standing on my scale at home when I saw that number.  How did I gain so much weight? Getting into shape was for me at that moment would entail a massive life overhaul. I let this go too far.

Can I do this?  Maybe? But how?

I had reached a point where I knew, I really knew, that if I did not make a change at that very moment, I would one day weigh 300 lbs.  I had always been an active person but for some reason putting family and job in front of me just started to show up on the scale because I would always find a reason not to exercise and a reason to continue eating out of control.  Eating became my comfort to the old woe is me my clothes don’t fit.

Stepping off the scale that early morning I had to ask myself, “How did I get here?”  At first, my mind went to the obvious- the food.  The German chocolate, the taco chips, the margaritas, oh and let’s not forget the pizza.  My parents and my sister weren’t huge people and at one time neither was I.  I played this game you know  like the game “Clue” where Mrs. Peacock with the wrench in the kitchen. “Somebody implanted an extra 60 lbs. under my skin and no one is leaving the room until I find out who it is!”
Great tactic!

I knew the truth! I didn’t become obese because I loved food or because my family was big.  I ate for comfort.  I allowed food to comfort me in any situation good or bad.  If and when I did try to lose weight I would reward myself with all my favorite foods only to regain the weight I had lost and then some.  It was a vicious cycle so I decided to give up and live to eat. I really wanted to change but could never just stick with any and every diet fad that came my way until one day when I bent over to tie my shoes I couldn’t breathe because my huge belly got in the way.  Running up the stairs to check my weight took all the energy I could muster and once I reached the top of the stairs clearly out of breath I stood on the scales. I can’t live this way anymore.  I was tired of hiding the weight gain by purchasing larger clothes.  After scheduling an appointment with my GP I learned I had high blood pressure, my cholesterol was high and I already knew my weight was off the charts.

I told myself, keep this up and your life won’t last long.  Determined not to take any medication for the HBP and high cholesterol I decided to take over my life and do something about being overweight.

Once again, HOW? My desire to change brought me to a personal trainer, Ben Fitzpatrick.  His enthusiasm towards healthy eating and exercise had me so excited I couldn’t wait to get started. Ben recommended two days a week of weight training with him but I wanted three.  I thought if two was good three would be better.  Cardio on the days I wasn’t meeting a trainer, sure, how long, I can do this.

It was a two year journey of completely revamping how I looked at food and exercise.  I realized food was not for comfort but for survival.  I had to exercise to help burn calories and fat for weight loss, but it was most important to continually eat.  A furnace needs fuel to heat a house and the human body needs energy to move.  It became a balancing act but I eventually arrived at my goal weight.  I liked my results but most of all I felt so much better.  Blood pressure and cholesterol back to a normal range. My clothes were fitting again plus I had so much more energy. 

Since I have reached my goal weight I have participated in dozens of 5k’s, four half-marathons, a marathon, six sprint triathlons and for my 60th birthday I treated myself to an Ironman 70.3.

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